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Our company name; Farsan has been derived from the Gujarati language, no gourmet meal in Gujarat is complete without a few savoury accompaniments- known as Farsan. They play an important role in complementing the taste, texture, colour, and presentation of a meal. A great deal of time and effort is taken to prepare the Farsan and only the best spices are used- a philosophy which we employ in our company so that you can be assured a Superior Quality product every time.

During 1998, Farsan Ltd was established and started a Pilot operation from home, manufacturing Indian Savouries like Samosas and Spring rolls. The past premises at 42 Hastings Road was acquired in January 1999 and after fitting it to high standard for food manufacturing it came into production during April 1999, initially with only 2 employees.

It has been company’s policy to introduce at least two products every year, after conducting proper market research and production criteria. Therefore further products like Paneer Samosa, Paneer Spring roll, Coconut Pattis, Aloo Tikki and Harabhara Kebab have been introduced. Our company believes in providing and catering food for all faiths and communities hence our fast selling products like Farari Pattis and Jain Samosa. Please note all raw materials have been sourced from local supplies - based in Leicester 

Besides exploring the local UK Market, Farsan has also embarked on exports to EU states. The company has successfully exported to Portugal, Spain, USA, Cyprus, India and Denmark with future possibilities of exporting to France, Norway and Russia.

 The company is currently managed by 
Nainesh Patel OBE; Managing Director of Farsan Ltd, a Leicester-based manufacturer of Indian Finger & Snacks Foods.  He is also the Chairman of the East Midlands Ethnic Food Forum (EMEFF), which was formed in January 2004. Nainesh Patel was awarded his OBE in the Queens Birthday list of 2004 for his services to local business through EMEFF and particularly for his work in encouraging ethnic minority companies to export.

A Gujarati business man who is mid-way into a highly ambitious plan to market vegetarian Indian snacks like the samosa to the whole of Uk Market and Europe. He has more than a decade of experience in the Global Food Industry and is running his business ethically and innovatively.

VISION is ‘Quality food for the nation’. He aims to ensure that all food produced or sold is safe to eat. Also, only natural spices are used and most important a high quality is always maintained.
MISSION  isto bring people great quality savouries to enjoy whatever the occasion!’